Social Media News - September 10, 2019

Facebook Testing Removing Likes

Following suit with many of the other social platforms, Facebook said it is  “considering testing” hiding likes. Jane Manchun Wong found the potential test while looking into the code of the Facebook Android app. The company did comment, saying it may test this feature in the future, but did not provide any information on how its live testing of the same feature on Instagram was going.

Facebook Phone Numbers Found Online

A server containing hundreds of millions of phone numbers from Facebook was found to be unprotected. The server, containing users’ unique Facebook IDs and the phone numbers that coordinate with them did not have a password, so it was vulnerable to the public. There were more than 419 million data points on the server, with a majority belonging to U.S. Facebook Users. Facebook reported a lower number of records on the server and said that the phone numbers were old and scraped from the site before it made phone numbers more private last year. It is unknown who gathered the data or to whom the server belonged.

Facebook Dating U.S. Rollout

Facebook Dating has finally launched in the U.S., over a year after the first announcement of the feature. Regular user profiles and dating profiles are kept separate, though users are able to pull content from their Facebook profile to inform their Dating profile. The company has also made some additions to the service, sharing that Instagram posts and Stories can be included on Dating profiles soon, and also rolling out “Secret Crush,” which can match up Facebook friends harboring secret crushes on each other. The feature is also available in 19 other regions.

Twitter Testing New Features

Twitter has historically had four tabs in its app, a home, search, notifications, and messages. It is now testing the addition of two new tabs - one for tweet bookmarks and one for lists. The intent is to encourage tweet discovery and increase the visibility of real-time discussions. This is also in addition to a new Topics tab that would connect users to even more content of interest to them.  

Spotify Testing Stories for Playlists

Jane Monchun Wong has discovered yet another new feature, this time on Spotify. The music streaming app might be joining several other platforms with a Stories feature. In her blog post, Wong stated that she discovered unreleased Spotify features for playlists that resembled a Story format. The one she shared features a Question-and-Answer session in a user’s Story for a playlist. Currently, Spotify playlists only allow users to customize the name, playlist title image, and a short description. Adding Stories would add a level of movement and interaction to Spotify playlists that the platform currently lacks.

YouTube Launches New Fashion Hub

YouTube launched a new hub for style and beauty content, under Mixing traditional fashion brands with the new beauty influencer world, creators from both sides will contribute content. From videos with tips on how to break into the fashion industry to fashion news videos and videos from models such as Naomi Campbell, there is something for everyone. Fashion and beauty videos on YouTube have grown by more than six times in the past five years alone, so having a common hub for this category is more than overdue.