Social Media News - September 25, 2019

Facebook to Get Rid of Group Stories

Facebook recently added a multi-contributor option for Stories where multiple public figures can contribute to one story. As of September 26th, Facebook will sunset its similar “Group Stories” feature, which allows multiple members of one group to contribute to a singular Story for that group. No new Group Stories will be able to be posted, and all existing Group Stories will be deleted. Archived Group Stories will still be visible, but users will not be able to re-share them.

Facebook Suspended ‘Tens of Thousands’ of Apps Post-Cambridge Analytica Scandal

Facebook provided an update this week on its investigation into every app that could have been granted the same data access as Cambridge Analytica. Facebook has looked into millions of apps, and has, to date, suspended tens of thousands for a variety of reasons. However, Facebook has said the investigation is “by no means finished” and it is continuing to look into these apps.

Instagram Putting New Restrictions on Diet and Cosmetic Surgery Ads

With influencers like Kylie Jenner promoting weight loss products such as “detox teas” becoming more prominent, there has been a lot of discussion about the effect that it has on younger users. Instagram consulted with mental health and wellbeing experts and decided to pose restrictions on the age demographics available for targeting with these ads. Instagram will restrict posts promoting certain weight loss procedures or cosmetic procedures with the incentive to purchase to users under the age of 18. This follows Instagram’s recent efforts to make the social platform a more positive place.

Snapchat Is Adding a 3D Camera Mode

Snapchat is keeping up with Instagram’s new 3D features by releasing one of its own – a 3D camera mode that will let users create and use 3D-like depth effects in their images. Users can access this feature by going to the camera mode and accessing the drop-down menu on the right. Users will be able to save any 3D creations to use later. In addition to creating these effects, users will also have access to a new selection of 3D lenses and filters.

Source:  TechCrunch

Source: TechCrunch