Social Media News - September 3, 2019

Instagram Develops Location Sharing App

Instagram is challenging Snapchat once again with a new Instagram family messaging app called ‘Threads.’ The app is supposed to share with your close friends list on Instagram, and will be a way to stay connected with your inner circle. The app will allow users to share their location, speed, and battery life with friends in addition to the video, text, and photo messaging abilities. Threads will also allow for automatic posting which would let the app post real-time updates of your location, speed, and more. However, rather than provide an actual location, the app will say a friend is “on the move.” Facebook, Instagram’s parent company, has not confirmed anything about the partner app, and it is unclear right now when Threads would actually launch.

Source:  The Verge

Source: The Verge

TikTok Works on Ad Targeting

TikTok is reportedly working on a new tool to allow advertisers to reach TikTok users in different apps. This native audience network is being tested in East Asia first, but will eventually make its way to other parts of the world. Despite TikTok’s success, it still does not have an established system to monetize the app like other social media platforms such as Facebook or Snapchat. Currently, TikTok makes money through in-app purchases.

Facebook Portal Hack Test

Facebook’s Portal debuted earlier this year, and now hackers will be able to stress-test the product at Pwn2Own, an annual hacking contest. One of the largest hacking contests in the world, Pwn2Own allows security experts to look for privacy holes in various appliances and electronics. Other companies have also put their products through the contest. Tesla entered its Model 3 sedan earlier this year, where a hacker found a severe memory randomization bug in the car system’s web browser. The benefit of inviting a bunch of hackers to attack your product is finding vulnerabilities early on, and giving your product a seal of approval from some of technology’s biggest critics.

Twitter CEO’s Hacked

Twitter CEO and founder, Jack Dorsey, had his own Twitter account hacked last week by a group called Chuckle Squad. Twitter secured the account about an hour and a half after the hack, but not before several tweets were sent out with racial slurs, links to the group’s chat room, and mentions of a bomb at Twitter HQ. The company called out Dorsey’s cell carrier because the tweets were sent through Cloudhopper, a service (acquired by Twitter) that allows users to text tweets to their account via their associated phone number. The hackers somehow hacked the cell system to have Dorsey’s phone number and tweet from it. The Chuckle Squad also hacked a handful of YouTube celebrities last week, who also blamed their cell service providers.

Posting Spotify to Facebook Stories

Facebook Stories have again followed in Instagram’s footsteps, this time offering the option to share  from Spotify. Spotify announced the new feature last Friday which pops up alongside the various other sharing options located under the three dots in the upper right corner. Once selecting the “Facebook” option, users can choose to share to their newsfeed (a previously existing feature) or to their Story. The Story will include a preview of the song as well as the option to “Play on Spotify,” a clickthrough button that will take them to the Spotify app. 

Source:  The Verge

Source: The Verge

Influencer Photoshops Same Clouds in her Photos

It’s no secret that Influencers Photoshop their photos; however, one Influencer went viral for photoshopping the same set of clouds in multiple of her photos. A tweet was sent with multiple screenshots of the influencer in tropical locations, all with the same cloud formations. The tweet got 35,000 likes and 12,000 retweets, with many users making jokes along the way. The influencer admitted to Photoshopping the images, saying that it was no secret she edits her photos and even provided the name of the app she used.