Social Media News - September 30, 2019

Instagram Adds Branded Content Tags to IGTV

Instagram’s branded content tags alert users to content that is specifically an ad. This option has only available to business and creator account posts and stories, but will now be expanded to include IGTV videos. Instagram has struggled to keep users engaged on IGTV, but this addition will facilitate brand-influencer collaborations. It will also give top creators more opportunities to monetize their content. Creators can access the tag by going to post a video and clicking on “Advanced Settings” where they will be prompted to tag a business partner. To tag someone, users will need to make sure the business partner has added them as an approved contact in their branded content settings. Once tagged, Instagram will add a “Paid Partnership With” tag to the header of the IGTV video.

New iOS 13 Bluetooth Notifications and Facebook

People who have updated to iOS 13 have noticed a new pop-up in some apps saying “[This App] would like to use Bluetooth” and asking them to allow this use or not. Android users have also noted new notifications about apps using their location data. Facebook is among the several apps that have had these pop-ups appear, prompting questions from users such as “Why does Facebook need to use Bluetooth?” Business Insider says that Facebook can gather location data from Bluetooth as well as relationship data, meaning who you interact with as the Bluetooth picks up on other phones and devices in the area. Facebook posted a blog post response to this pop-up, explaining why and how it uses location data sharing to make the user experience easier as you check-in, attend events, and more. Additionally, there are targeted ads the company needs your location for.

Twitter Moves Lists to Individual Timelines

Users have been able to create Lists of other users on Twitter for quite some time. The feature allowed users to view these accounts in a timeline so that they can filter by tweets only from these users instead of everyone they follow. Now Twitter is improving the feature by letting users pick up to five of those lists to be alternative timelines. Users will be able to swipe easily between their main timeline and these alternative timelines, instead of having to click through several buttons to get to the Lists timelines. This will make it easier for users to group who they follow and keep up with what they are tweeting!

Source:  The Verge

Source: The Verge