A proprietary approach to learning how to be on social.

Phased Pilot Program

This proprietary program allows us to lay the foundation that guides an executive’s public image before anything is actually made public. At the end of each stage there are hard deliverables that can be taken away from the test whether you decide to continue on or not. Upon approval of the next phase, we can very easily build upon the work that has already been completed to continue refining and growing an individual's personal brand on social media.


Lay the foundation without going public (2-3 weeks)

Create brand guidelines for the individual: this includes everything from the imagery, colors, and fonts we will use to the nuances of the language that we will publish

Build the initial social media content calendar and create approval processes

Create mockups to show what the profile(s) will look like with bios, profile pictures, content, etc.


Launch the profile without any paid growth (1-2 weeks)

Launch the account(s) on social media (if they currently do not exist), executing the content and approval processes codified in the first stage

Build out calendar for next 2-3 weeks of content

Manage the accounts (respond to comments, DMs, optimize post time, hashtags, etc.)

Only organic follower growth to showcase what the accounts look like after launch without going fully public


Begin fully publicizing accounts

Continue account management, content creation, and analytics reporting

Begin growing the accounts and collecting data through paid social advertising, engagement strategies, and influencer marketing