Flagship is dedicated to advancing your social media goals. We’ve created three different packages based on typical engagements we see with other clients. From consulting and optimizing your existing social media to placing someone in your office, we’re prepared to assist you no matter your social media experience.

Price Table_v3-01.png

Starting at $2,000/mo

Fixed fee product designed to support existing efforts.

Up to 2 platforms

Client provides imagery

Up to 24 pieces of content per platform/month

1-2 educational consultations to learn about social media

Price Table_v2-02.png

Starting at $6,000/mo

Hourly product designed to create, run, and grow an executive social presence.

Up to 4 platforms

Flagship sources majority of imagery/content

Unlimited Content

Multiple educational consultations available at request

Price Table_v3-03.png

Contact for Pricing

Dedicated staffer on-site, trained by Flagship, access to software.

Unlimited Platforms

Flagship sources nearly all imagery/content

Unlimited Content

Unlimited educational consultations, available at request

Looking for something different?

We regularly offer custom tailored solutions for our clients. Reach out today to discuss how we can tailor a solution to your needs.

At Flexjet our reputation is our brand, which is extremely important. Flagship listened first and then took the time to understand our needs. They aligned with our brand’s voice and took a complex objective and made it less complicated. Flagship is our quiet, calculated partner who produces real social media results.
— Christopher Bero, VP of Global Marketing at Flexjet

Services We Provide:

  • In-depth follower demographics and psychographics

  • Customer and prospect engagement via social media

  • Visibility campaigns

  • Paid advertising optimization

  • Branding & account guidelines for individuals

  • Social strategies for positive PR

  • Sweepstake and contest growth programs

  • Corporate social media policy creation

  • End-to-end social media account management and growth

  • Leadership and brand visibility

  • International on-site content creation

  • Deployment of proprietary analytics for account optimization